A picture of this shield along with the stats i found with it

This shield is a glowing green shield with some type of symbol on the front (leaf? tree?)

Stats at level 4Edit

+40 armor

+21 crit chance

+15 deathstrike

How to get itEdit

You should be able to find it near your 3rd time doing all the bosses.(the same place you can find the Superkill's Hammer of Unawakening)

New set?Edit

as seen here

this shield is part of superkills set

My thoughts...(Not the person who wrote the rest of the article, why did I use a pronoun anyways?)

Green armor is a rare drop, I think 0.5% chance for a normally brown chest to be a green chest.

Superkill's as a prefix gives 20 crit chance. (though I have had 19, 21, and 22)

Shield as an item gives 10*(Equipment Level) Armor (+/- 5 I think)

of...well, that's "of."

Evil Worship gives 15 DeathStrike. (though I have had 14)