Magic is found in the game in the room directly after the boss. In the case of the Chaos Dungeon, you'll instead get a Red Chest. After holding down the left mouse button for a second or two, the spell will activate. There are several different types of magic.

Combining MagicEdit

If you already have a magic walking into another one will make a combined form.

Known combinations

Fire + Lightning + Ice = Chaos

Fire + Ice = Gem

Lightning + Ice = Poison

Fire + Lightning = Explosion

Magic and Their EffectsEdit

Fire: Shoots out projectiles in all directions.

Ice: Three Ice chunks will circle the player, dealing damage to anything that touches them. They become smaller when an enemy collides with them the first time, and the second time they disappear.

Lightning: A Lightning bolt will fire from the player in a random direction.

Gem: Behaves just like Ice, but with six Gems instead of three Ice chunks. Also deals more damage.

Poison: Will surround player with skulls in a similar fashion to Ice, Gem and Chaos. Skulls inflict poison which slowly saps away enemy life.

Explosion: Shoots out projectiles in all directions. Once they hit an enemy, they release a Lightning bolt in a random direction.

Chaos: The effects of fire, Lightning are used, and three spirals will revolve around the player, these spirals behave like the Ice chunks from earlier but last longer. Everything has more damage.