The Fleshy Dungeon is full of organic material. The color scheme for this place is red, pink and brown.



Ghosts aren't actually ghosts. They're just floating globs of meat. They have average stats, and when killed will spawn 2 Skells. These Skells can be killed with a single attack. Ghosts will also rarely fire a shot towards the player.


Snakes have above average stats. They won't attack you unless you attack them first, and will just wander aimlessly around the room.


Eyetobs move in small circles and fire shots from their eyes. They are easily killed since they have average stats.

Ground TicksEdit

Ground Ticks have pretty good stats, and are a little annoying. Luckily, they're immobile for the first couple seconds after you enter the room.

The BossEdit

The Fire Nob Glob is basically a large Eyetob. It fires single shots from it's eye at a slow-medium rate, and after will light itself on fire and attempt to collide with you. This is a pretty easy boss considering it's attacks are easy to dodge.