Current NotesEdit

Info regarding equipment will be coming soon.

Here is what I currently know (based on the comments I made on Kongregate a long time ago):

  • Every weapon variety also has variations on + to chance stats (i.e. proc/crit chance etc.)
  • Some items are obtainable with 100% chance based on a specific event (i.e. always awarded 1 soul item for entering the spirit realm or whatever it's called, always awarded 1 red chest item at every area you meet the ghost of your wife)
  • Prefixes and suffixes matter, for example, swift (prefix) means + to crit damage.
  • Equipment parameters (other than +to % chance of proc/crit/etc) are based on equipment level.


This section describes hidden stats on weapons (i.e. magic proc;crit chance)

  • This section is under construction, but as of now, I can assure you that blade is in every way superior to spear or dagger (dagger is supposed to add "Defend" but doesn't). This is on the assumption that you click monsters, as weapon attack speed normally has a default speed (daggers are supposed to be quicker if you are not actively clicking)
Weapon Hidden Stats Stat distribution (Damage to Critcal Damage ratio x:y, x=damage; y=critical damage)
Sword Cleave Balanced; 1:1
Dagger Supposedly Defense but doesn't add to it. Skewed 1:4 (overall stats lower than that of blade of same level)
Blade Critical Chance Skewed 1:2
Spear Critical Chance (Lower than that given by blade) Skewed 1:2 (stats are lower than that given by blade of same level)
Hammer Magic Proc Skewed 3:1?
Axe Chop Skewed 3:1

Level Based Stats For All EquipmentEdit

Note that there is a range involved in the given stats, which will be listed here.

  • Numbers listed here are the multipliers for the given stat. Quality will have an effect on stats.
Equipment Damage Critical Damage Armor Run Speed Other Stats (i.e. crit chance/proc/chop/cleave)
Sword ~5 ~5 N/A N/A  ???
Dagger 2.25 to 2.5 9 to 10 N/A N/A  ???
Blade 4.5 to 5 9 to 10 N/A N/A  ???
Spear 4 to 4.5? 8 to 9? N/A N/A  ???
Hammer  ?  ? N/A N/A  ???
Axe 10 to 10.5? 3.33 to 3.58? N/A N/A  ???
Shield N/A N/A 9 to 10? N/A  ???
Helmet N/A N/A 9 to 10? N/A  ???
Plate N/A N/A 9 to 10? N/A  ???
Boots N/A N/A 9 to 10?  ???  ???
Ring ~3 ~3 ~3 N/A?  ???


This section describes the impact of a prefix/suffix on equipment.

  • Note: Under Construction, Will be sorted for ease of access in the future.
Prefix/suffix Stats Affected


Heavy +Extra Damage Purple Equipment


+Extra Critical Purple equipment
Strong +Defense Purple Equipment
Barbed +Critical Chance Gold Equipment (from shop)
Magical +Magic Proc Purple Equipment
Evil Worship +Deathstrike Green Equipment
Decapitation +Chop Red Equipment
Sharp +Extra Critical Gold Equipment (from shop)
Gold +Magic Proc Gold Equipment (from shop)
Superkill's +Critical Chance Green Prefix
Hatred +Chop Green Suffix
Dragon's +Damage Red Prefix
Suicide + Life Regen Green Suffix
Unawakening + Life Steal Green Suffix
Destruction + Chop Red Suffix
Ghostly +Crit Chance Cyan Prefix
Spirit +Damage Cyan Prefix
Leaf (ring) +Critical Damage Any Ring
King's (ring) +Damage Any Ring
Stone (ring) +Armor Any Ring
Bengal's +Extra Damage Green Prefix
Dark Heart +Cleave Green Suffix
Reaping Deathstrike Cyan Suffix
Soul +Magic Proc Cyan Prefix
Possession Life Steal Cyan Suffix
Phase +Critical Damage Red Prefix
Notor's +Extra Critical Green Prefix
Exorcism +Cleave Cyan Suffix

Drop RateEdit

So far, from data collected, % chance of a chest to drop from crates/non-monster objects is roughly 10 to 20%, currently it looks like a 15% chance to drop a chest; roughly 80% are brown, and roughly 20% are blue, the rest will be green or sword of 10,000 cuts; I suspect this drop rate would be less than 1% for both chest types. My guess would be that sword of 10,000 cuts is probably 1/1000 or 1/10,000 chance, and green chests are likely double or 4x that chance. (keep in mind this is all from crates, not monsters). The following chests do not drop from crates: Yellow/orange (red gear); Purple; Cyan.

Table Format (drop rate from crates):

Chest Type Drop Chance
Nothing or potion 84% (assumed, Estimation)
Brown 12% (assumed, Estimation)


3% (assumed, Estimation)
Green >1% (assumed); Estimated at 0.8%
Sword of 10,000 Cuts >0.1% (assumed)
Purple 0% (obtained from bosses)
Cyan 0% (obtained from spirit world boss; to get there click the soul you get every 4 levels, however it will consume your extra life)
Gold 0% (obtained from shop)
Red 0% (obtained from soul of your wife every 4 levels)

Set Stat BonusesEdit

This section lists the bonuses obtained from wearing a full set. Sets are determined by color. Brown, blue, green, gold, purple, red.

Set Color Bonuses
Grey Quick Armor (+25 *Crit, +64 RunSpeed)
Blue Strong Armor (+25 *Defend, +200 Life)
Purple Battle Mage (+25 *Proc, +100 Magic Damage)
Green Nature's Blessings (+10 chop, +64 Regen)
Red Demon's Black King (+10 LifeSteal, +64 DeathStrike)
Gold Gold Knight (+32 Damage, +32 Critical)
Black Berserker Knight (+16 DeathStrike, +64 RunSpeed)
Cyan Ancient Ghost (+100 critical, +32 cleave)