Simple Character BuildEdit

This guide assumes you are playing Kongregate version of this game. For easy success, use the quick armor set (+25% critical chance & +64 run speed) coupled with blade. After you have this combo, you will have a 40% crit chance. Raise critical damage and health only, at a 5:1 ratio. This method works well because you get +5 armor for every single stat upgrade, and your critical damage value is multiplied by 4 when dealing a critical blow. After using this for a while, if you come across a Sword of 10,000 Cuts or a shield, weapon, or ring with the Super Kill's prefix, keep it. Aim for 100% crit rate and you'll be dealing 4x your critical damage value all of the time. Note that critical strikes WILL stack with procs/chop/cleave/etc. This means it won't hurt your chance of striking with a critical blow. It also means that you will essentially strike twice per hit if you have a decent amount of chance to deal any of the above.